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Spring Checklist for Your HVAC Systems

Spring Checklist for Your HVAC Systems

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During the Springtime you generally don’t have to rely on your heating and cooling systems as often as the summer or winter; making it a great time to get in a maintenance check. Check out our spring checklist to make sure your HVAC system will be running smooth all summer long.

1. Change Your Air Filters

Depending on the type of filters you have, you may need to replace them as often as once a month. However, changing you air filter can be an easy task to forget. Keeping the dust and dirt from building up with ensure you systems are running efficiently and your air quality in optimal.

2. Clean Your AC Unit

It’s important for you to clean the unit before turning it on for the season. Start by clearing the grass growth away from the outside of the unit and then clean the condenser. Cleaning the condenser involves turning the power off and removing the top of the unit. If you require more assistance, a member of the 1 Click Heat team would be happy to give further guidance.

3. Clean your Ducts

Duct cleaning should be ideally be performed once a year.

4. Schedule a Maintenance Check

Scheduling a professional maintenance check on your system is the safest way to ensure your system is operating properly. By maintaining your HVAC systems you will save money of costly repairs and monthly utility bills.




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